Homeopathic consultations are by appointment only:

  • Office visits
  • Phone consultations
  • Webcam live connection via Skype
    • 302-476-9772 or e-mail:
    • 302-476-9772 or e-mail:


  • Initial Consultation
    – Adults (2 hours): $300
    – age 5-21 (90 -120 min): $265
    – age 0-5 (75-90 min): $240
  • Follow up Consultation
    – Adults (1 hour): $100
    – age 5-21 (1 hour): $80
    – age 0-5 (45 min): $80

Phone Consultations: Phone calls that are not for making appointments are charged at $1.50 per minute after the first three minutes.

Cancellation Policy: Please understand that when an appointment is made, that the time has been reserved just for you. We maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Any cancellations must be made by calling number 302-476-9772.

Educational services:

Robert has extensive experience teaching homeopathy to meet various educational needs from teaching health care professionals in college settings to running short evening programs for people wanting to learn how to use homeopathy at home. Robert is also available for case supervision and mentoring to advanced students and practicing homeopaths.

To schedule an appointment, class or mentoring session, please call 302-476-9772 or e-mail: